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Do you Lease your HGV's?

If you lease your vehicles - you will no doubt have felt the pain of sending back vehicles with 000's of miles of tread remaining that you haven't used.

Ask about our premium part worns which may save you £££'s.

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Sorry - No Black Friday Deals...

Does it feels like the world has gone mad and the media has been going on about Black Friday forever?

It's just another busy day here at TRS, where we permanently offer great prices and great service!

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The mornings are getting colder now - so we know that Winter is definitely here!

Driving up and down the UK can mean that you encounter lots of different weather - are your vehicles prepared???

Stay Safe - check you enough tread depth for all weathers.

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Well balanced and running full loads are essential for safe operations. (Oh, and it helps with saving fuel overall)

We minimise our impact on the environment, meaning we can pay top prices for used casings...

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Lockdown - Is there some light at the end of the tunnel?

TRS have been supporting the #transportation industry for over 50 years now, and we have no plans to stop! Deliveries have kept moving, and safety has always been our number one priority!

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Our Casing Solution makes it possible for tyres to be used as tyres for as long as possible. Recovery is our last resort so that transport professionals can get as much "Environmental Benefit" as possible from theirinvestment.

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